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Why I’m Not Blogging Lately

Why I’m Not Blogging Lately

It’s not an excuse to not updating my blog post, actually. I just found out that I literally have no idea what to write. Yeah, itโ€™s very lame reason, I admit that, because I spare some time to upload new contents for my Youtube channel. Yay!

So itโ€™s obviously Iโ€™m into Youtube-ing nowdays. I upload my content once in a week, mostly about my traveling and โ€˜How toโ€™ videos. Itโ€™s probably a little bit different with other content from YouTube channel from Indonesia you often watch. I rarely appear on video saying โ€˜Hi Guys.. welcome to my youtube channelโ€™.. well, itโ€™s not my thing, I supposed. My contents most likely cinematic or I try to make it cinematic (hahaha), and you have to click the CC button to read the caption. I call it travelog (because I travel and I vlog it).

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