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The best Italian restaurant in Saxony Anhalt

The best Italian restaurant in Saxony Anhalt

After getting recommendations from a lot Italians that I know here in Halle, I finally went to try the pizza in Stella. Rumor says it that this is the best Italian restaurant around!

At first, my colleagues and I wanted to eat there for dinner. Foolishly we didn’t make a reservation and it was full! Second time I went with 2 of my friends and this time we got reserved some seats. That evening, we shared a portion of bruschetta and I ordered gnocchi with Prosciutto e Funghi (cream sauce, cooked ham, and grana padano cheese). The bruschetta had cut tomatoes, basil and garlic with olive oil – fresh, juicy and crispy. The gnocchi was super creamy and tasty; to me it was a bit salty because of all the cheese but this will not be a problem for

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