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Sax Manufaktur Marx & Flavoreeds

Sax Manufaktur Marx & Flavoreeds

The other day, I accidentally bumped onto my standing saxophone. *Crash! Due to that, I had quite a bent on the edge of the bell and the keys/tones were messed up. Thinking swiftly, I contacted the German Yamaha office where I could find a place to fix it and whether the warranty covers the damage. Firstly, although my sax is less than 2 years old, the warranty does not cover the damage due to the owner’s fault. Secondly, the Yamaha office does not have a service center for brass instruments. They mentioned that I had to go a local sax repair shop within the area I live. I contacted my sax teacher who was still on his trip to the states for a jazz concert and asked if he could recommended me one. He replied and suggested Marx Saxophon Manufaktur, located in Leipzig.

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