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Roblox errors and troubleshooting

Roblox errors and troubleshooting

Let’s look at the most common problems with Roblox.

Roblox has a black screen, white screen, color screen.

Problems with screens of different colors can be divided into 2 categories.

First, they are often associated with the use of two video cards. For example, if your motherboard has a built-in video card, but you play on a discrete, then Roblox can run for the first time on the built-in, and you will not see the game itself, because the monitor is connected to a discrete video card.

Second, color screens occur when there are problems with displaying the image on the screen. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, Roblox cannot work due to an outdated driver or does not support the video card. Also, the black / white screen can be displayed when working on resolutions that are not supported by the game.

Roblox takes off. At a certain or random moment.

Do you play for yourself, do you play here too – bam! – everything goes out, and now you have a desktop without any hint of the game. Why is this happening? To solve the problem, you should try to understand the nature of the problem.

If the departure occurs at a random moment in time without any pattern, then with a probability of 99% we can say that this is a mistake of the game itself. In this case, it is very difficult to fix something, and it is best to just put Roblox aside and wait for the patch.

However, if you know exactly when the flight takes place, you can continue the game, avoiding situations that provoke a failure.

However, if you know exactly when the flight takes place, you can continue the game, avoiding situations that provoke a failure. Alternatively, you can download a Roblox save to our file archive and bypass the place of departure.

Roblox hangs. The picture freezes.

The situation is about the same as with the departures: many hangs are directly related to the game itself, or rather with the developer’s error in creating it. However, often a frozen image can be a starting point for investigating the deplorable state of the video card or processor. So if the image in Roblox freezes, then use programs to display statistics on the load of components. Maybe your video card has long exhausted its service life or the processor is warming up to dangerous temperatures? The easiest way to check the load and temperature for the video card and processors is in MSI Afterburner. If desired, you can even display these and many other parameters on top of the picture Roblox. What temperatures are dangerous? Processors and video cards have different operating temperatures. In video cards, they are usually 60-80 degrees Celsius. The processors are slightly lower – 40-70 degrees. If the processor temperature is higher, check the condition of the thermal grease. It may be dry and needs to be replaced. If the video card heats up, you should use a driver or official utility from the manufacturer. You need to increase the speed of the coolers and check whether the operating temperature drops.

Roblox lags. Big delay in the game.

I know that many players like to use roblox music codes from RobloxSong database. But if you have lags, you should turn off all music because it slow down your internet connection and ping.

Other thing you should know that many people confuse “brakes” with “lags”, but these problems have completely different causes. Roblox slows down when the frame rate from which the image is displayed on the monitor decreases, and lags when the delay when accessing the server or any other host is too high.

That is why “lags” can only be in online games. The reasons are various: bad network code, physical distance from servers, network congestion, incorrectly configured router, low speed Internet connection.

However, the latter is the rarest. In online games, communication between client and server takes place through the exchange of relatively short messages, so even 10 MB per second should be enough in person.

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