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Knowledge of Ordering Food in Taiwan

Knowledge of Ordering Food in Taiwan

One of the knowledge you should know to order food in Taiwan.

So, as known as 小吃天堂 heaven of food, Taiwan has many kind different food type that pushing you to try each of them. Well if you are staying in Taiwan, you probably will love to try many kind of food. Here is some of the knowledge you should know before exploring. I collect the common question that usually being ask from outsider when they come to Taiwan :

1. Separate by 葷 素 : Meat & Vegetarian – this is common in Taiwan as you can found so many place prepare for vegetarian cause some of Taiwanese is vegetarian. Some type of vegetarian : 全素 – vegetarian, 蛋奶素 – vegan include eggs & dairy products, 五辛素 – vegetarian without onion, 方便素 or 鍋邊素 – convenience vegetarian which eat all the vegetable even in the same pot of meat

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