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Georgia Is So Underrated

Georgia Is So Underrated

It is Georgia the country, not the states in the US. And yes, you should definitely visit Georgia!

At first, I never dream about visiting Georgia. I wasn’t really aware of the country until I live in Istanbul. Since now I live in Turkey, which geographically bordered with Georgia, so the interest to visit the country popped up. Even Georgia can be reached from Istanbul by 24 hours bus trip. But no, I think I couldn’t bear with 24 hours road trip, not if I still have those flight ticket promo options.

Long story short, I visited Georgia with my parents this summer. They insisted to go there and other Central Asia countries. To be honest, I am not excited about this trip at first. For me, East or West Europe is more tempting than the Caucasus. But then, you will never know if you never try

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