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Brunch Idea for Pescatarian

Brunch Idea for Pescatarian

Basically I’m not a meat lover, but not vegetarian yet. I do love vegetable more but so do I love to eat fish and seafood. Recently I got a new vocabulary that match me much “pescatarian”. What is pescatarian? Pescatarian (sometimes spelled “pescatarian” with an e) is a word sometimes used to describe those who abstain from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish.

If people ask what is the difference I feel when I stop eating red meat? I would say light feel. I feel light and fresh. You can try for 1 month to reduce your red meat consumption and change to vegetable and fruit and you will feel the difference.

When homed, I love to cook during weekend, especially brunch or breakfast. I do make some journal in instastory named #dapurweekend.

Here is some idea ….

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