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BRP Stolen in London

BRP Stolen in London

Last December I experienced a magical thing. I got my BRP and my daughter’s BRP cards stolen and returned back. BRP is Biometric Residence Permit, a very important identity card used to confirm the right to study or work in the United Kingdom (UK). The cards were inside my wallet which was stolen when I was counting money to buy a ride token in the Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London, on the first day of my 9 days end-year trip. During that holiday, my family and I planned to travel around London, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Cardiff and Bath. Imagine how devastated we were to continue our next 8 days journey. Other than the two cards, there were also one credit card (which I could easily call the bank to block it), some store membership cards (that were not so important), and only £5 cash

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